Welcome to Paramount Flow

Paramount Flow is a leading company in providing water treatment technical services and as Distributor Sales Specialty high preference Chemicals, Pretreatment plants and test dosage equipment for the water treatment industries.

Paramount Flow aims to provide reliable technical services, the most updated products, efficient logistical support through its principle technical research and business development activities to its customers. We at Paramount FLow want our customers to avoid making a request for capital expenditures. We can explore alternatives to equipment replacement to optimize your plant’s performance and profit. Just knowing the equipment and making modest repairs or adjustments can often save significant money. We’ll protect your money for when you really need it.

Paramount Flow, via its dedicated market specialists, related services to water utilities and water treatment salutations stands as one of the leading distributors of industrial water treatment chemicals and services businesses across the country.

Our Principles

  • Provide the high quality service that our clients expect and deserve
  • Respond positively to requests and feedback from our clients
  • Continuously strive to improve our customers productivity and efficiency through providing continuous world class after sales support services
  • Persistently seek innovative technologies to improve efficiency and sustainability
  • Maintain a rewarding working environment for employees, and provide consistent training to maximize both employee and customer satisfaction


Paramount Flow offers a comprehensive Pre-Treatment (removing materials collected from raw waste water) and desalination service…

Consulting Services

Consulting Services
Paramount Flow provides a comprehensive range of Consulting Services that allows industries to outsource many aspects…

Specialized Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Treatment
Paramount Flow offers a full range of chemical cleaning consulting services tailored to fit the needs of each customer.

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