Closed Loop System

There are three types of cooling water systems:

  • Once Through
  • Open Recirculating
  • Closed Recirculating or Closed Loops

Closed recirculating systems use heat exchangers and circulate water in a closed loop with negligible evaporation to the atmosphere. Heat is transfered to the closed cooling water loop by heat exchange equipment and removed from the closed system loop by a second exchange of heat. We understand the importance of proper closed system treatments. We can provide you with a comprehensive line of superior variety of world leading manufacturer’s/provider’s chemical products, closed system treatment chemicals to meet your needs. You can count on us to supply you with customized and innovative products to ensure successful treatment solutions.

Our customers deserve the best water treatment chemicals available to prvent loss of efficiency or costly downtime. Paramount Flow offers with a variety of chemicals from the world’s leading manufacture’s/provider’s for closed system treatments which will safeguard our customers from all damaging problems.

Closed system treatment includes

  • Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors (Hot and Chilled Water Systems)
  • Closed Loop Multi-Metal Corrosion Inhibitors (Microbiocides)
  • System Descalers On or Off Line