Specialized Chemical Cleaning

Paramount Flow offers a full range of chemical cleaning consulting services tailored to fit the needs of each customer. We specialise in chemical cleaning of steam boilers, industrial heat exchangers, tanks, vessels and pipe work. Every job is unique; each is individually engineered and executed to safely accomplish the client’s cleaning needs.

Employee and customer safety is our number one goal. Our company philosophy is that all injuries are preventable. We continually train all Supervisors & Service Technicians to ensure a safe work environment each and every day.

Paramount Flow has successfully cleaned equipment for a variety of industries and plants. The scope of our client base is growing every day. Some of the most common industries we service include: Oil Refining & Petrochemical, Utility, Construction, Cogeneration, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage.

We attend site hazop meetings, write our activities including scope of work, procedures, chemical requirements, work method statements, spill prevention, waste neutralisation for each phase of cleaning. We will present you with a written detail log of operation of all cycle of the cleaning including a safety report at the conclusion of each job. The cleaning log will detail chemical consumption rates, cleaning solution strength, iron pickup concentration, cleaning temperatures, flow rates including outlining every step of the cleaning process.

Photographs will be taken before and after the clean for inclusion into our chemical cleaning report to you.